Starting Anew

inspirational-quotes-3I love Mondays. I love the chance to begin a new week with the promise of the future looming ahead. No matter what happens in the past, the future is yours to command. And where better to begin that new and beautiful life than on the first day of the week where the past is wiped away and there is only the future to look forward to?

I haven’t been doing a great job of eating well and exercising lately. I’ve felt lazy, unproductive, and slightly disappointed in myself. But today is the first day of the week (as I’m writing this) and I am so excited to put these past failures behind me. I know I have a tendency to say this as each week, each holiday, each eventful moment that comes around. And even if I fall off this new path I’ve created for myself, I will never stop looking forward to what I can achieve in the future.


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